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More vegan enchiladas

Vegan Enchiladas

Today’s Bento:

Vegan Enchiladas

Spring Greens with Annie’s Raspberry Vinegrette


Chocolate Coconut LaraBar

Yum, more vegan enchiladas (from Veganomicon). Again, I altered the recipe, using butternut squash and parsnips instead of potatoes. Also, instead of frying the tortillas and rolling them, I just make them lasagna style – it is much less work and tastes just as good! And, it’s been awhile since I had a LaraBar, looking forward to this chocolaty-coconutty goodness.



Oden (Root Vegetable Stew); Edamame; Collard Green Tofu Salad Wraps; Orange triangles

I’ve been raving about the Angelica Home Kitchen cookbook lately. I found the recipe for this Oden (root vegetable stew) in this amazing cookbook. Rutabega, Turnips, Parsnips, Squash in a broth of ginger, shoyu, mirin, shiitake, and seaweed…rich tasting, light, delicious. Even if you don’t like these vegetables, they taste delicious melded in this warming soup.

I’ve decided on our Thanksgiving menu: Oysters, Roast Pheasant; Garlic sautéed Kale; Medley of Roasted Root Vegetables (Rutabega, Turnip, Parsnip); Carmelized Onions; Smashed Squash; Rustic Corn Bread; Concord Grapes (if I can find them!!). Yum! What’s on your menu?

Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!

Today’s Bento: Taste-Testing Dragonfruit

Acorn Squash Slices; Raw Snow Peas & Lightly Steamed Baby Bok Choy; Tofu Pouches; Sesame Soba; Dragonfruit; Pumpkin & Sesame Seed Crispies

Acorn Squash Slices; Raw Snow Peas & Lightly Steamed Baby Bok Choy; Tofu Pouches; Sesame Soba; Dragonfruit; Pumpkin & Sesame Seed Crispies

We took a trip to the Asian market yesterday to stock up on soba, seaweed, tofu, and dried mushrooms. I spotted a dragonfruit next to the kiwis. I’ve never had one before so I bought it, thinking it would be a fun (and pretty) addition to today’s bento. Well…it is very pretty, however, I didn’t care for the taste. 😦 I was disappointed, I wanted to like it! It didn’t have much flavor at all and it had a bit of a gummy and drying effect in my mouth (kind of like when you bust into a persimmon about a day early). I think this is the only fruit I’ve encountered that I don’t like.

The greens were fantastic, I love really good baby bok choy. I had sprinkled a little bit of soy sauce on it, yum! (Note to self, purchase some of those cute little soy sauce squirter containers for bento boxes).

The acorn squash slices were amazing! This is the first time I’ve ever sliced the squash and steamed it. I usually bake it. I think I really like it steamed better. The flavor is wonderful and I like that it is soft but not mushy.

The soba noodles were good. They all stuck together in a box-shaped clump. Hmmm, I’ll have to think about how to solve that problem. Maybe I’ll put the sesame oil on in the morning and the soy sauce on at lunch time and that will loosen the noodles. (Ideas, anyone?)

Overall, very satisfying and easy bento. I boiled the noodles and steamed the bok choy at the same time – arranged the fruit, peas, squash and crispies while the noodles cooked.