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Coconut Macaroons!

Creamy salad dressings

Today’s Bento:

Fresh spring salad with creamy lemon-tahini dressing


Coconut Macaroons!!!

Do you love coconut? These coconut macaroons from Whole Foods are out-of-this-world! Crispy on the outside and soft and moist coconutty goodness on the inside…. Let’s see, I’m also excited about this simple lemon-tahini dressing. Lemon, tahini, salt, olive oil. It’s so good. Watch next week for some salad dressing experiments. I’m going to try some new recipes!


More vegan enchiladas

Vegan Enchiladas

Today’s Bento:

Vegan Enchiladas

Spring Greens with Annie’s Raspberry Vinegrette


Chocolate Coconut LaraBar

Yum, more vegan enchiladas (from Veganomicon). Again, I altered the recipe, using butternut squash and parsnips instead of potatoes. Also, instead of frying the tortillas and rolling them, I just make them lasagna style – it is much less work and tastes just as good! And, it’s been awhile since I had a LaraBar, looking forward to this chocolaty-coconutty goodness.

Trying to go frugal

Today’s Bento:

Salad, cukes, avocado with Annie’s Goddess Dressing.


Pasta Salad

Chocolate covered marshmallow

This past week I’ve watched four episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and the documentary No Impact Man. I love Jamie Oliver just for being so passionate about good food and trying to share that with other people, especially children. (I can’t wait to see how this all turns out!) No Impact Man, a film about a young family in NYC who try to leave no carbon footprint for a year, was also very thoughtful. These people really made some drastic changes to their lives and ended up being all the happier for it (local diet, no carbon fueled transportation, no electricity, laundry in the bathtub, etc.). I’ve also been reading about the One Dollar Diet Project, one couple’s attempts to feed themselves on a dollar a day each. All of this combined plus just moving and being stressed about finances equals very good incentive to make some big changes. This past week I worked hard to plan every single meal, make a list and stick to the plan all week. Result? We spent half of what we usually would on food this week! And we didn’t suffer at all. In fact there will be plenty of food for the rest of the week! It is a very satisfying feeling, and now when I get home from work I don’t have to think about what to make for dinner, I just look at my notes. And bento boxes are great, even leftover pasta salad looks pretty snazzy with a salad and an orange.

Navy Beans

Today’s Bento:

Navy Bean Soup

Mixed Spring Greens

Fresh Red Peppers

Purple Cabbage

Annie’s Goddess Dressing


A few years ago I came across the blog of Kerri and Christopher called the The One Dollar Diet Project. It was fun to follow these two as they tried to eat on only a dollar a day each. I just read their book about the experience, and have since been inspired to make a better effort at buying in bulk. I generally make my meals fresh, from scratch, but I get lazy with beans. They really are much better cooked from dry, and it isn’t that hard as long as you remember to soak them overnight. So, here’s some soup from my big batch of Navy Beans (mmmmmm). I love’em cooked until they are melty. Next week: what should I do with Aduki beans???

Herbal Salad Mix

Herbal Salad Mix; Kiwi; Orange; Cherry Tomatoes; Red Kidney Beans; Soba Sensation Sauce

 I really love this new salad mix I found with fresh herbs in it – cilantro, dill and parsley. It’s a nice refreshing addition to the greens and it goes particularly well with the soba sensation sauce (a tahini-based sauce/dressing – recipe from The Angelica Home Kitchen Cookbook). It’s a little hard to fit a full serving of greens into the little bento, so I sometimes bring an extra bowl or Tupperware for mixing the salad ingredients. It is still nice to have the veggies separated until eating time. 🙂

Dragon Bowl Bento

November 16

Salad Greens; Steamed Tofu; Brown Rice; Red Beans; Seaweed Salad; Soba Sensation Sauce

Thank you, Noe, for introducing me to The Angelica Home Kitchen, cookbook of Angelica Kitchen in NYC! I haven’t been there yet, but hope to soon! This beautiful, well-considered cookbook explains the history and philosophy of the Angelica Kitchen – a vegan, community-minded restaurant started in the 70’s. They have been serving the Dragon Bowl since inception. It is a hearty plate of veggies, rice, beans, tofu, and some delectable sauce. It really is a heavenly creation – simple, but nourishing and beautiful. I made the Soba Sensation sauce from the cookbook for this Dragon Bowl. It’s a yummy tahini-based sauce that tastes good on everything: salad, grains, beans.

Pomegranate Season!

november 9

Romaine Lettuce, walnuts, orange & yellow peppers, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes; pomegranate seeds, kiwi; spelt crackers

Yay for pomegranate season! Yesterday I noticed they were on sale and bought a few. They taste good with kiwi slices, yum.  I haven’t had romaine lettuce in some time, it is so sweet! I’m still lovin’ the no dressing salads – this was a particularly sweet salad with sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and romaine.

This weekend I heard Paul Nison speak about his new Daylight Diet. I thought he had some very interesting things to say about circadian rhythms, and how eating, digesting and eliminating fit into the cycle. It makes a lot of sense (eat during the day, assimilate and repair at night). So, I’m working on step one: get out of the habit of eating at night.  I have noticed that I don’t sleep well when I eat too close to bedtime. I didn’t buy his book, but now I wish had because I’m interested in the technical details about how the sun and moon affect our hormones and daily digestion and elimination processes…