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Asian mix – ‘n – match

Asian mix - 'n - match

Today’s Bento:

Vegetable dumplings with Rich Dipping Sauce

Blanched Spinach with Sesame

Seasoned Carrots




This was a fun bento to make. I made vats of all of these dishes this weekend, and many of them have disappeared already! But it makes good bento-fare. I will probably heat up the dumplings, but everything else will be just fine and yummy at room temperature. The Kimchee recipe is from Angelica Home Kitchen Cookbook. It’s fresh and delicious, and you don’t need to dig a hole in your backyard and let it ferment for a few months. 😉 I think next week I’ll try making Ruby Kraut. Any other suggestions?


Salad improvisation

Today’s Bento:

Pasta Salad

Salad with Annie’s Goddess Dressing


Chocolate covered marshmallow

Ok, I’m becoming much more aware of how much food we have now that I’m planning so carefully! I threw together this salad with some purple cabbage I’m trying to use up (I bought it two weeks ago). But it is perfectly good and tastes great! And another random add-in: prunes. I have a tub of prunes in my cupboard. I actually really love them, and my two-year-old does too.

Navy Beans

Today’s Bento:

Navy Bean Soup

Mixed Spring Greens

Fresh Red Peppers

Purple Cabbage

Annie’s Goddess Dressing


A few years ago I came across the blog of Kerri and Christopher called the The One Dollar Diet Project. It was fun to follow these two as they tried to eat on only a dollar a day each. I just read their book about the experience, and have since been inspired to make a better effort at buying in bulk. I generally make my meals fresh, from scratch, but I get lazy with beans. They really are much better cooked from dry, and it isn’t that hard as long as you remember to soak them overnight. So, here’s some soup from my big batch of Navy Beans (mmmmmm). I love’em cooked until they are melty. Next week: what should I do with Aduki beans???

Raw Chocolate

Today’s Bento:

Green Salad with Purple Cabbage

Lemon Tahini Dressing

Grilled Eggplant

Banana Chips


My wonderful husband bought me a small bar of raw chocolate from a boutique in NYC (Raw Chocolate Love). It is quite delicious! It tastes like a high quality dark chocolate (70%), but it has a brightness to it. Not sweet, but cooling and with a very quick taper (no aftertaste). Which is interesting, because regular dark chocolate has a longer taper with shifting flavors. I’m not sure I favor it over regular chocolate, it is just different. Anyways, Raw Chocolate Love rocks, you should try it!

This week’s theme: purple cabbage

Today’s Bento:

Green Salad with Purple Cabbage
Lemon Tahini dressing
Banana chips

A few weeks ago I discovered how much I love raw cabbage. So, this week I bought red instead of green. I love it not only for the flavor, but it holds up well. It doesn’t wilt in the bento box and it keeps for a long time in the refrigerator. My salad greens do well, too, but if I don’t eat them up quickly they start wilting and getting slimy in the ‘fridge. (Any tips?)