Coconut flakes

Today’s Bento:

Mango with coconut flakes

Salad with avocado and Annie’s Raspberry Vinnegrette

Annie’s burger

Mmmmmmmmmm…. coconut! I went to get shredded coconut, but all I could find was this bag of coconut flakes. Initially I was disappointed, but now I love them better than shredded coconut. These nice flakes are very coco-nutty- the give a nice satisfying crunch plus a nice juicy coconut flavor (they don’t dry out as much as shredded coconut). I love them on my cereal and so I thought I’d try them with some fruit for lunch. So, if you love coconut, try the flakes!


2 responses to “Coconut flakes

  1. Where did you find the flakes Jessica? Sounds wonderful!

  2. jessicalovessmoothies

    Hi Susan,

    I found them at Whole Foods, ‘Let’s Go Organic’ brand. I’ve been eating this for breakfast for about a week straight: banana slices, mango chuncks, coconut flakes, walnuts with soy milk or almond milk. Yum!

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