Sprout Babies

Today’s Bento:

Green Salad with Purple Cabbage and Sprout Babies!



I did it! I finally tried sprouting! It is soooo easy and I was very proud of my little mung bean sprout babies. And they were delicious in the salad, along with the soaked raw sunflower seeds. (I also soaked my raw nuts for the first time. I think the sunflower seeds taste much better soaked than unsoaked and raw. Kristen over at Kristen’s Raw has some great and very easy to follow directions for sprouting. What a delicious and healthy addition to a salad! Sprouts are full of amino acids, so they are a good protein source, but since they are already in the form of amino acids, they are light and very easy to digest.


One response to “Sprout Babies

  1. I love red cabbage! I especially love when you cook it with other ingredients and it all ends up purple!

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