Vegan enchiladas

Today’s Bento:

Vegan Enchiladas (carrot, spinach, parship and rutabega)!

Homemade vegan refried beans

Salad and sprouts with Pineapple vinnegrette.

The enchiladas recipe comes from Veganomicon, but I substituted the more flavorful root vegetables for the potatoes and spinach for the kale. They are sooooo good!

And, Monday was my birthday! A special shout out to Wendy, who reads my blog and sent me a gift certificate to Angelica Kitchen! Wow! I’m so excited! Thanks, Wendy!


2 responses to “Vegan enchiladas

  1. Sorry I missed your birthday Jessica – hope you had a great one! I love following your bento blog 🙂

  2. These things are really, really good. I’ve eaten four plates of them already. I’m a lucky guy. I get to live with a wife who cooks all this yummy, nutritious food!

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