Mixed Greens; cherry tomatoes; apple slices; Annie's Raspberry dressing; Emergen-C

I have some pita chips leftover from yesterday still in my drawer at work, also some sunflower seeds and dried apricots for snacking… Now that cold and flu season is in full swing I’m trying to protect my immune system. So, lots of grapefruit and oranges and, of course, greeeeeeens! I’m going to try out this Emergen-C today, see how I like it (if you go to their website you can get a free sample). I’ve been taking Elderberry syrup at the recommendation of my midwife. Oof-ta, that stuff is like a shot of liqueur! Do you take immune boosting supplements?


2 responses to “Emergen-C

  1. Hi Jessica! I just started taking Elderberry Syrup as well, based on your FB recommendation…I’m intrigued that your midwife recommended it, the label says not for pregnant or lactating women – is it safe for pregnancy?

    • jessicalovessmoothies

      Yup, safe! Combined with the Vitamin C I feel it really helps. Haven’t caught cold from all the little kids at work, and fended off a sinus infection without antibiotics.

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