Better than Fig Newtons

Greens; Kiwi; Pomegranate; Figs; Whole Wheat Pita with Almond Butter and Jam

I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve tried real, fresh figs! They are wonderful! Way better than fig newtons, I must say. I think they are in season right now, along with the beautiful pomegranate. Fruit goes really well with salad greens (no dressing). And almond butter + whole wheat pita = perfect sandwich.


One response to “Better than Fig Newtons

  1. Jessica! I LOOOOOVE this blog. I’m making similar lunches lately, but still haven’t gotten an actual bento I neeeeeed to! I’ve been including tofu cubes in various forms–either raw or baked. yum. I need to get some figs!

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