Pomegranate Season!

november 9

Romaine Lettuce, walnuts, orange & yellow peppers, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes; pomegranate seeds, kiwi; spelt crackers

Yay for pomegranate season! Yesterday I noticed they were on sale and bought a few. They taste good with kiwi slices, yum.  I haven’t had romaine lettuce in some time, it is so sweet! I’m still lovin’ the no dressing salads – this was a particularly sweet salad with sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and romaine.

This weekend I heard Paul Nison speak about his new Daylight Diet. I thought he had some very interesting things to say about circadian rhythms, and how eating, digesting and eliminating fit into the cycle. It makes a lot of sense (eat during the day, assimilate and repair at night). So, I’m working on step one: get out of the habit of eating at night.  I have noticed that I don’t sleep well when I eat too close to bedtime. I didn’t buy his book, but now I wish had because I’m interested in the technical details about how the sun and moon affect our hormones and daily digestion and elimination processes…


One response to “Pomegranate Season!

  1. As far as green smoothies go I haven’t used any of those. You could make a savory green smoothie which I am sure all of those would work with. Maybe do coconut meat, bit of coconut water, curry powder, your asian green of choice, and a date or two. Pea shoots are good in everything. I put them in wraps, use it as pasta (easy to digest) etc. Also, when I went to Alissa Cohen’s restaurant I had this Thai coconut soup that was off the wall and she chopped up mustard greens and let them float in the soup – I didn’t really find mustard greens too pleasing until then!

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