november 5

Mango; Brown Rice with Sesame Seeds; Cherry Tomatoes; Asparagus; Chickpeas

Just a simple bento today, I had to make it while holding a grumpy toddler on my very pregnant belly. She was momentarily distracted by the mango slicing, and she wanted to try one of the cherry tomatoes and the garbanzos (maybe she’ll actually want to eat them if she tries them a few more times…). I’m sure I’ll dig into my little stash of dark chocolate at work today 🙂


One response to “Simple

  1. Hey! I love green smoothies too! They are one of my favourite parts of raw food cusine! And you are so right about refreshing your palate. Greens are so cleansing. Do you rotate your greens? I REALLLY like spinach and they way it blends with the smoothies. I have a hard time using other greens and I read that spinach can cause joint pain and acne because of some sort of acid! Def. check out the book. It will make you want to go green smoothie all the time!

    P.S. I love your Bento box lunches! They are so cute!

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