New Sushi Molds!

November 2 Blog

Brown Rice, avocado and Carrot Sushi; Kiwis in a bed of Spinach; Seasoned Carrots; Raw Almonds

I’m a cheater. I like making Sushi, but it always comes out asymmetrical or somehow visually displeasing. So, yesterday we were at the Asian market and, among all the goodies we bought, I got some sushi rice molds. Wow, are they easy and they improved the looks of my sushi by at least 100%! I still have a lot to learn, though. My sushi still didn’t look as pretty as the pictures in the cookbook… But this was also the first successful attempt at brown rice sushi. I soaked the rice for a few hours before cooking, and that really helped the rice be more tender and more sticky. It looked prettier last night, the avocado is a little brown and the rolls are a little smushed above. The carrots are lightly simmered in Dashi stock – lightly cooked, still somewhat crispy, but tender.  Not pictured: roasted barley tea! (yum!).


2 responses to “New Sushi Molds!

  1. Please, my attempts at sushi haven’t been nearly as pretty! I blame the knife. I have a trip to Japan planned for this month–might have to spring for a good one!

    • jessicalovessmoothies

      Get a few good knives, you’ll be soooooo happy! You could try putting a little sesame oil on your knife when you cut the sushi, or wiping it totally clean and wetting with water inbetween each cut. Have fun in Japan!

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