Pretty Purple Grapes

October 29 blog

Dr. Praeger's veggie burger in a whole wheat wrap; spinach; pretty purple grapes, trail mix (pepitas, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, raisins)

Who could pass up those pretty purple grapes? I was looking for fresh black concord grapes – none to be found – but found these beauties instead. They were quite yummy. The spinach looks so nice, too. I rolled a little bit in each piece of the veggie burger wrap. I’m thinking about and looking for more ideas on wraps – not only wraps with a whole wheat tortilla, but wraps made with leafy greens. I thought it might be fun to make some leafy green wraps that have fruit in them? Or maybe I’ll try some seasonal-themed wraps. Ideas?


2 responses to “Pretty Purple Grapes

  1. Purple grapes are so good looking! Actually I think the ones with seeds are the most beautiful of all… and the most delicious… it just depends how much spitting you can put up with.

    • jessicalovessmoothies

      I agree! The concord grapes are the most delicious, most fragrant, beautiful! I’ve been dreaming about getting some but I can’t find any right now, I know they’re in season!

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