Lovin’ the no-dressing salads on Raw Day

october 28 blog

Swiss Chard and Baby Spinach; 1/2 avocado; Walnuts; Cranberries; Pineapple

Raw day: Mmmmmmnnnn…I’m really liking my no-dressing salads! I never realized how ambivalent I was about salad dressing until I thought to just not use it  🙂  I’m just experiencing the flavors so much more, and the textures, also. I’m sure this isn’t the end of salad dressing for me, but I really love the simplicity of just putting some fruit + veggies + nuts together. I’m also looking forward to trying all sorts of combinations. Without the dressing to make the salad uniform, you can experiment more with how the flavors of different ingredients will blend together.  What are your favorite salad ingredient combos?


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