Who needs salad dressing?

Salad of mixed greens & herbs, fresh fennel, cranberries, walnuts and papaya; spelt crackers

Salad of mixed greens, fresh fennel, cranberries, walnuts, papaya; spelt crackers

As my taste buds are opening up more and more to raw foods and flavor, I’m finding I’m changing some of my food habits. This weekend I realized I’ve never been a huge salad dressing fan; my favorites tend to be very simple (fresh citrus juice with a bit of sweetener and oil). So, I thought, why use salad dressing at all? If you put together a good blend of flavors, there’s really no need for the extra dressing, although sometimes it is nice. So today I went with a naked salad. The fennel and papaya and cranberries and walnuts blended perfectly! And I didn’t miss the salad dressing at all here. I tasted all of the ingredients better without it and each bit tasted a bit different, depending on what landed on the fork, a nice sensory experience. Not pictured above, I snacked on some toasted soy nuts and there was a birthday party at work, so I had a cupcake too!

What are your favorite non-dressing salads?


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